How the Grinch Stole my Classroom Christmas Lights


#TheGrinch #TeacherBudget #ChristmasClassroomDecorations #HolidayClassroomDecorations #MiddleSchool #iTeachMiddle


  • 1 strand of lights- Probably 3.99 at Walmart but I just took them from my house.
  • 1 piece of white banner paper about 5 feet long- As a teacher, I have a personal role of white banner paper from Office Depot, I think it was this one that is $7.39. You can probably find some in your work room
  • Black Permanent Marker- The one I used was confiscated from a student at some point so I have no idea how much it was.
  • Green and red paint- 45 cents each at Walmart or ask your friendly neighborhood art teacher.
  • 4 Command Cord Clips These are great for cords, I always have a few laying around for something and they don’t damage the walls.
  • Hot glue gun- I hot glue most things to the wall as I live in Houston and it’s humid here but hot lasts the longest and peels off pretty easily.
  • Projector– I projected a picture of the Grinch stealing lights from my laptop and traced it. If you don’t have a projector, print your picture then crank it through the machine to put it on the transparencies or whatever (shrugging shoulder emoji #millenial).

I traced, painted, outline, and cut my way to this Grinch. He ended up looking so cute and everyone loved it!

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