Blended Learning Course: 7th Grade Science July 2017

I have developed a course in blended learning intended for 7th grade science students.

7th Grade Science Blended Learning Course

Action Research June 2017

I am developing an action research plan to determine if blended learning is comparable to tradition learning. Click the link below to view my progress.

Action Research

Blended Learning: The Research April 2017

I have analyzed and compiled a variety of research to determine trends that lead to successful blended learning initiatives. Click the link below to check out my research.

Blended Learning: The Research

Professional Learning: Implementing Blended Learning March 2017

I have developed a professional learning course that helps teachers implement a blended learning environment in their classrooms. Click the link below to see components of the course I have developed.

Professional Learning: Implementing Blended Learning

Creating a Significant Learning Environment  December 2016

I worked to develop a significant learning environment; the purpose of a significant learning environment is to maximize learner potential by implementing a variety of stratgies. Click the link below to see the different aspects I have begun to put into play to increase my student success in developing their own eagerness and willingness to learn.

Creating a Significant Learning Environment

Blended Learning Project October 2016

I developed a plan to implement blended learning in my classroom. Click the link below for more information on how I implemented my plan for blended learning in my school to increase student achievement.

Blended Learning Project

Digital Collaboration and Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) August 2016

Digital Collaboration and PLNs