COVA November 2017

The COVA model in digital learning helps students take ownership of their learning by being able to make choices in their learning and express their voice by engaging in authentic learning experiences. Click the link below to see how COVA has impacted my learning as a graduate student and how I implement COVA into lessons for the learning of my students.

COVA. Choice. Ownership. Voice. Authenticity.

Digital Citizenship: Societal Rules for the Digital Age October 2017

As the times change, so do rules and expectations for society. Digital citizenship deals with respecting yourself and others when in the ‘digital world’. Click the link below to see how technology is impacting digital citizenship in schools in the digital age.

Digital Citizenship: Societal Rules for the Digital Age

Cyberbullying October 2017

As the use of technology and the internet increases, there is no surprise that there has been an increase in cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a growing epidemic in the digital world that can diminish by teacher students about proper digital citizenship. Click the link below to view my research on Cyberbullying.


Copyright & Plagiarism September 2017

Information has become easily accessible as a results of technology and the internet. Being aware of copyright laws and plagiarism are important aspects to understand as a student, educator, or just someone who shares information on social media.  Click the link below to find out more on copyright, plagiarism, and fair use.

Copyright & Plagiarism

The Impact of Technology September 2017

The use of technology is rapidly increasing all around us; As the use of technology grows, it is important to understand how it can impact our lives.  Click the link below to view my research on how technology can affect our lives, both in the present and future.

The Impact of Technology

Digital Citizenship & Education September 2017

Digital citizenship is an important aspect of education and the blended learning environment.  I have looked at important aspects of digital citizenship and how to incorporate digital citizenship in my classroom.

Digital Citizenship & Education

Blended Learning Course: 7th Grade Science July 2017

I have developed a course in blended learning intended for 7th grade science students.

7th Grade Science Blended Learning Course

Action Research June 2017

I have developed an action research plan to determine if blended learning is comparable to tradition learning. Click the link below to view my progress.

Action Research

Blended Learning: The Research April 2017

I have analyzed and compiled a variety of research to determine trends that lead to successful blended learning initiatives. Click the link below to check out my research.

Blended Learning: The Research

Professional Learning: Implementing Blended Learning March 2017

I have developed a professional learning course that helps teachers implement a blended learning environment in their classrooms. Click the link below to see components of the course I have developed.

Professional Learning: Implementing Blended Learning

Creating a Significant Learning Environment  December 2016

I worked to develop a significant learning environment; the purpose of a significant learning environment is to maximize learner potential by implementing a variety of stratgies. Click the link below to see the different aspects I have begun to put into play to increase my student success in developing their own eagerness and willingness to learn.

Creating a Significant Learning Environment

Blended Learning Project October 2016

I developed a plan to implement blended learning in my classroom. Click the link below for more information on how I implemented my plan for blended learning in my school to increase student achievement.

Blended Learning Project

Digital Collaboration and Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) August 2016

Digital Collaboration and PLNs