Professional Learning: Implementing Blended Learning

Below you will find the components of my professional learning course for science teachers on my campus to implement blended learning in their classroom. All components needed for the course would be accessible to participants on a shared OneDrive file.


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Influencing Change and Developing a Blended Learning Environment

Leading Organizational Change

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Executing a Plan for Blended Learning

Professional Learning Video

I created the following video to encourage my district to adopt a new form of professional development; I would like to see a change for a shift from professional development (PD) to professional learning (PL).  Instead of teachers going to PD, the training comes to them and instead of trainings lasting one day, they are ongoing. Teachers will spend a short amount of time learning why we are implementing blended learning as well as the importance of blended learning for the future of learners.  Teachers will then spend time working with the district’s Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) and other teachers to develop techniques and strategies to implement blended learning into lessons.  Teachers will also collaborate to determine strategies that are already being successfully implemented as well as learning about strategies that have been less successful.  Teachers will be able to continuously visit with the ITS as needed to determine if their strategies are working or if they need to go in a different direction with the lessons.

For my video, I wanted to present the reality that most teachers dread PD and then provide the supporting studies that reveal the most PD doesn’t improve teaching. Then I wanted to demonstrate aspects of PD that can be changed for teachers to get the most out of their professional trainings.

To create my video, I started with PowerPoint to display a visual of what most teachers think of PD. As I went through the PowerPoint, I added aspects of PD/PL that need to be changed in order for it to be more effective for teachers in the classroom.  I recorded the PowerPoint on my MacBook with QuickTime Player and uploaded it to iMovie. I recorded my voice using iMove and published it to YouTube.

Professional Learning Outline

Understanding by Design

Schedule/ Timeline

Course Handout

Week 1: What is Blended Learning?

Participants will watch the following video before attending the first face-to-face session. Participants can use the course handout to take notes on their blended learning strategies they are already implementing.

Week 2: Implementing Blended Learning

Participants will meet and discuss ways they are already implementing blended learning in their classrooms. This lesson would be presented in live presentation form; I added audio of how the information could be presented. Participants can use the course handout to take notes.

Week 3: New Strategies to Implement Blended Learning

This week, we will introduce other strategies to implement blended learning. Participants can use the course handout to take notes on blended learning strategies.

Week 4: Benefits of Blended Learning

In week 4, teachers will view a video and discuss the benefits of implementing blended learning. Participants can use the course handout to take notes on benefits of using blended learning strategies.

Week 5: Continuing Blended Learning

Students will meet and discuss their thoughts on blended learning. Participants will take a post- assessment using Microsoft Forms.


References for material used in individualized on each assignment.