Learner and Leader

As I am finishing up my final course of my masters degree, I can’t help but take a look back on the path I’ve taken to get here. I started my Digital Learning and Leading journey with no end result in mind, I just knew I wanted to enhance my skills of using technology in the classroom.  I had no idea that the DLL program would lead me exactly where I needed and wanted to go with my own education and my career.

Throughout my journey, I made progress and enhanced my abilities to provide a positive educational environment for my students, but of course, there were challenges along the way.  At the beginning of my journey, I was unfamiliar with the COVA approach that the program used and was hesitant that I wasn’t doing ‘what the professor wanted’. It wasn’t until a few courses in that I realized my assignments were not about what my professor wanted, instead, I should be researching and focusing in on my own interests. The COVA approach is ideal for a blended learning environment because students can express their voice through topics of their interests and take ownership by using an ePortfolio to display their work. I plan on using the COVA approach in my blended learning classes.

Throughout the process, I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to finish; finish my assignments, finish the courses, finish the discussions, finish my masters! I was pretty constantly nervous but was able to perceiver and complete my goals! At the end of meeting a goal, we always go back and think, ‘I could have done better’. One thing I could have done better with was communicating with my peers and extending my professional learning networks.  I sometimes found the discussion parts of the course difficult because I felt having meaningful conversations over a weeks span was not easy.

I have created an array of videos, written an assortment of papers, done an ample amount of research, and have become a digital learner and leader; Spread throughout my ePortfolio, are bits and pieces I have learned or gained in my DLL journey. I am so proud of my ePortfolio and all of the components that I have been able to add. I plan on keeping up with my ePortfolio and adding

My goal started with a want for helping students do better in science but developed into a plan to help my students become life- long, self- sufficient learners of the digital age. I plan to continue to implement blended learning in my classroom and hope to be able to encourage other teachers to implement blended learning.  I don’t currently have any ideas for other changes I want to make at my campus but I am now equipped to lead organizational change, when I feel that changes need to be implemented. I hope to be able to continue to use my skills for my own learning to continue to help my students with their learning.

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