Digital Literacy Self Assessment

As someone who grew up during a time where technology was vastly improving on a daily basis, I would consider myself advanced in using technology.

The first time I remember using a computer was when I was in Pre-K; the class had one computer and students would take turns playing very basic games.  My dad bought a computer around the same time and a few years later created an e-mail account for me, From that point on I was hooked. In middle school, I would run home after school to check my AIM account and chat in chat rooms with my friends instead of talking on the phone.  In high school, I took several BCIS classes as well as a duel credit college BCIS courses.

My current interest in technology includes integrating technology into daily classroom lessons and volunteering my time to help other teachers at my school improve their technology literacy using a variety of programs, websites, and apps.  This previous school year, I was asked to present a professional development course of technology in the classroom to other teachers in the district.   This course was designed to help teachers easily and frequently integrate technology into their classrooms; We covered a variety of topics, ranging from classroom management to imputing videos into presentations without commercials.

The district that I teach for, La Porte ISD, is considered proficient in technology. We currently have a 1:1 student and teacher, laptop ratio. As we can expect with any technology, especially sixth graders, we frequently have problems with our laptops, programs, and websites but with a little bit of patience, we are able to work through most errors, if we aren’t able to work through an error, our tech guys are just an e-mail away!

I teach science through an online textbook for curriculum and incorporate technology into every nook and cranny of my daily lessons using my iPad, laptop, and projector. Throughout the school year, I maintain my district campus website to provide resources for students and parents. I create and send out weekly emails to students and parents to make sure that everyone is up to date with what’s going on inside my classroom.

I was recently on a flight with my dad to New Jersey to visit my grandmother. The flight attendant was making the usual preflight speech when he asked for “Anyone with a communication device, please put your device on airplane mode.”  He proceeded with, “If you do not know how to put your device on airplane mode, we will provide you with a second grader to assist you.”  I couldn’t help but laugh inappropriately loud as I looked over at my dad, staring at his phone who is only slightly better at using his tablet than my cousin is with his iPad.

With technology being so prevalent in today’s society, I find it extremely important to stay up to date with the advancements in technology. I am continuously attending professional development trainings to increase my knowledge of using technology in the classroom.  I am currently with the University of Houston Science Teaching Equity Program (STEP) where I received a free iPad, apps, and over 120 hours of science training for use to integrate technology into my classroom.  I am currently also working on my Master of Educational Leadership in Digital Learning and Leading at Lamar University.

My goals with technology and digital learning and leading are to:

  1. Increase my knowledge of ways to integrate technology in my classroom.
  2. Develop and grow my personal Leadership qualities.
  3. Create effective learning environments.
  4. Learn new instructional methods.
  5. Develop theories to understand the use and practice of digital learning.

As someone who is passionate about helping others learn, I hope that I am able to share my digital knowledge with others around me.  With the world literally at our fingertips, there is no end in learning.