Creating a Significant Learning Environment

In a course I am currently wrapping up (which completes my first semester of grad school!), EDLD 5313: Creating a Significant Learning Environment, I have developed new strategies and ideas which allow me to maximize student learning and potential in my classroom.  Each strategy has a positive effect on different aspects of learning which allow teachers to maximize student potential in learning.

Growth Mindset  I am a strong believer in developing a growth mindset in my students. Developing a growth mindsets allow students to learn to push to reach their maximum potential and not give up when faced with challenges.   Check out my Growth Mindset blog post to see how I plan on developing a growth mindset in my students.

UbD Understanding by Design  UbD allowed me to incorporate many aspects of teaching and learning to develop the best learning through planning, teaching, and assessing.  I was able to walk through a set of steps to plan a lesson which focused on achieving a goal.

Learning Environment/Situational Factors Outline + 3 Column Table By creating a Big Hairy Audacious goal, I was able to look at the ‘big picture’ of what I wanted my learners to achieve.  I was able to take situational factors into consideration and work backwards to develop the best plan to achieve my goal.

Learning Philosophy I researched learning philosophies which helped me to develop my personal learning philosophy.  Knowing the type of teacher that I want to be helps me to help my students develop their personal learning skills.

Creating a Significant Learning Environment  There is nothing more important than creating a significant learning environment, unfortunately, in schools, teachers are unwilling to adapt to change to develop a true learning environment that pushed for the success of each student.  Teachers should push to be willing to develop change to adapt to new expectations of society.  Check out my plan for creating my significant learning environment.