Blended Learning

Blending in the Gaps: Increasing Student Achievement in Science Education Using Blended Learning

Also check out these other resources, Blended Learning & Implementing Change, Blended Learning Implementation Video,  Innovation Plan, and Literature Review for more information pertaining to my plan for implementing blended learning.

Implementation of Blended Learning Outline

Goal: Supplement gaps in student achievement in science with customized STEMscopes assignments and activities.

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Cost- $0, implementing blended learning to increase student achievement will not cost the district. All parts of the implementation are already supported by the district.
    1. Laptops, iPods, Smart Phones, Personal Computers
    2. Eduphoria
    3. STEMscopes
  2. STEMscopes Training- teachers are already provided training by the district to use the different features in STEMscopes.
  3. Eduphoria Training- teachers are already provided training to use features in Eduphoria.

Step 2: Collecting and Analyzing Data

  1. Collecting Data– Students will take their regular unit tests, test data will be collected in Aware.
  2. Analyzing Data- Teachers will analyze data in Aware and compile a list of students that did not master the tested topic.

Step 3: Parent Contact to Develop a Plan

  1. Parents– Teachers will contact parents of students that did not master topics on test.
    1. E-mail
    2. Phone call
    3. Meeting
  2. Develop a Plan- Teacher and Parents will develop a plan for when the student will complete STEMscopes activities.
    1. At home for homework
    2. Arranged day and time, before or after school

Step 4: Assigning Activities

  1. Personalizing Activities- For each student that did not master a topic on the test, teachers will assign a supplemental assignment or activity through STEMscopes
    1. CLOZe-ing in on Science
    2. Concept Review Game
    3. Project Based Learning
    4. Other varied activities

Step 5: Reassessing Students

  1. Reassessing Students- Teachers will reassess student achievement on topic.
    1. Create an assessment in STEMscopes
    2. Use informal assessment methods
    3. Use premade test in STEMscopes
      1. Concept attainment quiz
      2. Post assessment
      3. Writing science



  1. Hi Blair I love the way your site is laid out. It’s easy to read and highlights the most useful information. Also it isn’t too long so it gives the reader just the most important information. Also, I like this font. I’m also working on a blended learning environment and this has given me a good start.

    Take care!
    Bobby Bracken


  2. Peer Review #1:


    Your site is beautifully put together, and I love the neat and organized design.

    I did a bit of outside research on Stemscopes since I wasn’t familiar with the interface, and I am impressed with everything I read about the product. I wish we had something similar for ELAR. It would be nice to benchmark the kids and then design an individualized remediation plan for those who struggle in certain areas. I think your idea of using a blended learning approach with Stemscopes is a great one and should improve your test scores.

    As I was reading your outline, I was also thinking maybe you could have the kids come in during their electives to work in the program. Just a thought. We often pull our English 1 & 2 kids from those classes to work with our English tutor.

    I think you have a good plan in place, and I look forward to hearing more about your results!



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