Blended Learning Video

The purpose of my implementation plan is to begin allowing students to incorporate blended learning into their school routine.  With technology implementation gaining popularity, incorporating blended learning will help students prepare for their future education and careers.  I believe that correctly implementing blended learning will allow students to learn to take control of their learning needs and allow them to become self-motivators.

To begin implementing blended learning on my campus, I want to supplement science lessons with STEMscopes assignments and flipped classroom videos for underachieving students.  With successful implementation, data will indicate students are closing achievement gaps and developing better understandings of concepts and ideas.  Developing personal proof that I can implement blended learning will hopefully persuade my campus to make the jump into the 21st century by incorporating blended learning in all subjects.

I chose to begin my video with a flashback of how most people remember school; Being able to visualize the differences in schools of the past and present expresses how technology has changed education.  Since my audience is the administration of my school, I wanted to really express how accessible technology is to allow blended learning.  With the understanding that technology use is on the rise with no peak in sight, incorporating technology using blended learning will help prepare students to their future education and careers.

To create my implementation video, I used the cameras on my iPhone and iPad to record clips and take pictures.  I used a clip from USA Today to demonstrate the concern for carrying around books.  I used a tool new to me called Microsoft Expressions to record a PowerPoint and the Google search of the planets.  After collecting all of the pieces of my video, I created the movie on my iPad using iMovie. The video was uploaded to YouTube and embedded into my website.