29.75 Hours

HoursDateCourse Title
1.510/07/2021Catch-All Session
1.509/24/2021Campus Focus, Feedback tools
2.509/24/2021SLMS PLC Procedures
.59/31/2021Performance Matters Annual Staff Training – PowerSchool Training for Teachers – Part 1
3.508/09/2021SLMS Procedures and Expectations Rotations
208/09/2021FBISD Convocation
1.508/06/2021Introductions and Focus/Expectations
208/06/2021Student Safety Rotations
208/06/2021PLC time
708/05/202121REQ: Robotics, Engineering, Verizon Innovative Labs Teachers Student Ownership of Learning and Behavior
207/27/202121CL: Coding Club and Beyond
212/31/2021Campus Based: Instructional Annual Staff Training- Part 1
.56/1/2022PowerSchool Perform – Evaluation Training for Teachers