47.5 Hours

HoursDateCourse Title
19/18/20A Roadmap to Transitioning with Technology
.59/18/20Reimagining the Classroom: Preparing for Socially Distanced Instruction in FBISD
28/13/20Setting Expectations – School Launch (Attendance, School Procedures, Employee Handbook, Epipen – Nurse support)
1.58/13/20Technical Skill Development- Home Learning Kits
28/13/20Building Course Content, part 2
1.58/12/20Progress Monitoring and Feedback Systems
28/12/20Schoology- Building Course Content, Gradebook and Commenting for Feedback
18/11/20Online Learning Tools and Resources
.58/11/20Assessment Framework
18/11/20Setting Instructional Expectations
28/11/20Technical Skill Development – Management Tool Videos (ClassLink, Respondus)
.58/10/20Balanced Unbiased Curriculum
18/10/20Tools for Planning instruction
18/10/20Compassion and Trauma Informed Relationships
28/10/20Technical Skill Development – Teacher Welcome Video
18/7/20Student Safety
2.58/7/20Schoology CourseTechnical Skill Development & Communication
1.58/7/20Setting Expectations – Building Classroom Culture
48/6/20Technical Skill Development & Microsoft TEAMS – Competency Demonstration
1.58/6/20Setting Expectations – Building School Culture
.58/6/20Setting Expectations – Learning Models
.58/1/20Campus Based Instructional Eduphoria- Evaluation Training
37/22/19GT Update- Next Level for General Campuses- Secondary
67/14/19Campus Based Instructional Staff Training
36/30/20Mental Health/ Suicide Prevention
47/7-8/2020JASON National Conference