94.3 hours

HoursDateCourse Title
66/30/20Campus Based Instructional Staff Training
36/29/20Mental Health/ Suicide Prevention
31/6/20Evidence of Learning
0.7512/10/19Self & Peer Assessments/Feedback with FlipGrid
1.512/10/19Robotics and Engineering Collaborative PLC
0.512/9/19Stop the Bleed – Part 2
0.0511/11/19Stop the Bleed – Part 1
0.7511/7/19Co-Constructing Success Criteria Using One Drive Assignments
310/11/19PLC Time to Engage with Morning Learning
1.510/11/19Student Ownership Tools – Oct 11th
1.510/1/19Robotics and Engineering Collaborative PLC
1.59/25/19Coding Club Sponsor Training 2019
18/12/19SLMS Safety and Security
18/12/19SLMS- First Day Procedures
18/12/19SLMS- Faculty Handbook/Nuts & Bolts
18/12/19SLMS- AVID Binder
18/12/19SLMS- Emotional Backpack/SEL
18/12/19SLMS- Program Updates
1.58/9/19Professional Learning Communities, Part II
18/9/19SLMS Blended Learning
1.58/9/19SLMS- EdCamp “Lite”
18/9/19SLMS- PBIS/Restorative Practices
18/9/19SLMS- Titan Time/3rd Period Plan
1.58/8/19AVID Systems – Focused Note Taking
1.58/8/19Professional Learning Communities, Part I
3.258/8/19FBISD Convocation
18/7/19SLMS Welcome, Introductions, Vision, and Year Overview
28/7/19SLMS Instructional Priority – Student Ownership of Learning
18/7/19SLMS Formative Assessment (incl. T- TESS/SLO Updates)
1.58/7/19PLC Time for SLO/T- TESS Planning
18/7/19SLMS Legal/Policy Updates
78/6/1919OPT: STEM Summit – Technology Applications – Computer Coding Club Sponsors or Robotics Teachers
37/26/192019-2020 Annual Staff Training
37/26/192019-2020 Annual Staff Training
37/26/192019-2020 Annual Staff Training
67/24/1919CL: GT Update (Houston Cooperative)
147/15/1919OPT: Swift Playground
3.56/4/1919REQ: Expanding Claim, Evidence & Reasoning Experiences within the Instructional Model (Science Grades 6-7)
3.56/3/1919REQ: Incorporating Tiered Instruction in the Secondary Science Instructional Model (Grades 6-7)
26/3/1919REQ: Monitoring and adjusting Positive Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in the classroom to meet the needs of all secondary students.
1.56/3/1919REQ: Professional Learning Community (PLC) – Analyzing student work to increase teacher efficacy and to inform instructional planning- Secondary