Logo Summer Institute

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I attended the Logo Summer Institute in Pflugerville, Texas hosted by the University of Texas at Austin. I attend through the WeTeach_CS Collaborative at the University of Houston. This workshop provided a lot of valuable information and resources that I hope to incorporate with my coding and robotics club.


General Info: 4 days, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, breakfast and lunch served, leave with a variety of materials. Cost: $400. Worth it!

Tools and Programs:

Check out THIS website for the Logo Institutes Software and Hardware Guides and Tutorials for a variety of tools.

Scratch Jr

Hardware: iPad

Link/ App: Scratch Jr (Doesn’t work with Mac or PC, must be downloaded for the iPad from the Apple Store, for Android tablets from Google Play, and for Chromebooks from the Chrome Web Store)

Ages: 2 and up



Tools: Laptop & scratch.org

Link: https://scratch.mit.edu


Scratch & Makey Makey

Hardware: laptop, Makey Makey, paper, aluminum foil, marker, glue stick

Link: https://scratch.mit.edu


My program for the Dino Navigation:

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.49.45 PM.png


Hardware: Hummingbird, bird blox bluetooth connector, iPad, batteries, various materials, laptop or iPad, bird blox bluetooth connector

Software: Mac or Pc- BirdBrain Robot Server (This app is needed to run Scratch or Snap! with the Hummingbird or Finch Robot), Scratch 2.0 offline editor iPad: BirdBlox iPad app.

I wrote the following programs using my iPad.

This first program has two sensors which each serve a different purpose. Sensor 1 detects if there is an object within 10 cm, if there is an object, it will turn; Sensor 2 detects if there is a drop, if the distance from sensor 2 becomes greater than 10 cm, the robot will turn.


In the following program, the robot moves with the tilt of the iPad. Tilt the iPad forward and the robot will go forward, tilt the iPad to the right, the robot will turn right, etc.



Hardware: Micro:bit, laptop or iPad

Link: https://makecode.microbit.org




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