Finally Finals

For the dreaded “What do I do when I’m done with my exam?”

A few weeks ago I visited the Thinkery Austin, an interactive museum for children, with my best friend and her son. While he (13 months at the time) had a great time playing with the door lock for the kids pen, I found an amazing resource that I knew my 7th graders would love: The Brain Hat aka Brain Hemisphere Hat by Ellen McHenry.

Since our unit on the human body was already over, I decided to use this resources for my students when they finished their final exam. Check out some of my students in their Brain Hats!


Below is a screen shot of the parts of the hat and is NOT to scale. Use the link below the image for the full PDF version of the hat in order for the size to print correctly and for other size options!

Click here for full directions for the Brain Hemisphere Hat.

Check out Ellen’s awesome website with an array of resources covering a wide range of topics!

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