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I first learned about Schoology when I was working on my Masters, investigating different Learning Management Systems. The following year, my district decided to implement Schoology at all campuses, so I was able to dive deep into the implementation process.

I am able to use Schoology to upload content including, but not limited to, PDFs, Presentations, Quizlets and link or embed websites. I can give quizzes, hold discussions, and so much more! One feature (that I assume my district pays for but so worth it) is that our gradebook, Skyward is linked to Schoology so transferring grades to the gradebook only takes a few clicks. Schoology enables you to save anything you upload which can be transferred to other courses the same year, or the next.

Schoology allows students to create portfolios to store assignments, pictures, or accomplishments which stays with them from year to year. Schoology is a great learning management system and I recommend it to anyone looking for a way to manage digital resources and materials or just looking to make teaching a little bit easier!

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