Happy New Year! Welcome Back!

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The 2018 calendar year has begun and I will be seeing my rambunctious 7th graders again very soon! For the first day back, I decided to hold off on starting my lesson to have a ‘Welcome Back; Let’s review classroom procedures’ type of day.

First, we will…

My students and I will be creating a respect agreement by submitting words to a poll I set up with http://www.PollEverywhere.com. The poll asks students, “What is a word or short phrase that relates to or defines respect?’

The words are gathered and create a ‘Word Cloud’. My plan is to then use my Cricut to cut out words and put them on a white board for the students to sign (update coming eventually). The point is that, as a class, we are coming together and defining and agreeing on how we will treat each other in class, by showing respect.


Login to Schoology and take a ‘personality quiz’ students answer questions to determine their personality ‘color’. Submit color through Schoology assessment. Knowing about a students personality can help me get to know them better and assist when assigning students to groups.


Students will take a Back to Class Quiz on Schoology. The questions will include things like,

When is the best time to use the restroom?

A. Between classes

B. In the middle of a lesson

C. The first 10 or last 10 minutes of class (10/10 Rule)

What is the best way to get Ms. Bedner’s attention?

A. Saying ‘Ms. Bedner’ repeatedly

B. By creeping up behind her when she’s talking to another student

C. Raising your hand

D. Asking when she’s in the middle of talking to the class

Just a silly quiz to remind my students of my rules and procedures. Can be used to replace/ drop a daily grade.

Random Thought of the Moment: Instead of turning in lesson plans, can my principal just read my blog?

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